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Archivo Nacional de la República de Cuba (National Archive of the Republic of Cuba)

Address: Calle Compostela nº 906 esquina San Isidro. La Habana Vieja.
Tel.: (00 53 7) 8629436
E-mail: arnac@ceniai.inf.cu
Website: https://www.arnac.cu/

This is the centre of reference when searching for documentation on Spanish emigration to Cuba. The series of the National Archive of the Republic of Cuba are very complete. Among them, the following are worth special mention:

Registro de súbditos españoles (Register of Spanish subjects)

This series of 64,800 records comprises 84 bound volumes with documentation dating from 1898 to 1900. They are certificates of Spanish nationals who chose to conserve their Spanish nationality, according to article 9 of the Treaty of Paris of 10 December 1898, that brought an end to Spanish domination in Cuba.

There is a certificate for every head of family under which the rest of the members of the family unit were also registered.

Registro de entrada de pasajeros por el puerto de La Habana (Register of incoming passengers to the Port of La Habana)

This register, produced by the Aduana de La Habana (Havana Customs Office), contains the lists, ordered chronologically from 1865 to 1959, of passengers who entered through the Port of Havana between these dates. According to calculations by the Archivo Nacional de la República de Cuba (National Archive of the Republic of Cuba), there are approximately two million people registered, a large part of which were Spanish.

Registro de entrada de pasajeros por el Centro de internamiento de Triscornia (Register of passengers arriving through the Triscornia centre)

This register, produced by the Negociado de Inmigración de la Secretaría de Agricultura, Comercio y Trabajo (Immigration Department of the Secretariat for Agriculture, Commerce and Employment), has documentation dating between 1909 and 1935. It is comprised of thirteen bound volumes in chronological order and corresponds to the control carried out in the immigrant reception centre created in 1900 in Triscornia, on the east side of the Port of Havana, in imitation of Ellis Island in the Port of New York.

Registro de asociaciones (Associations register)

This register of 1,010 bundles was initiated in 1888 through the Royal Decree of 13 June, which stipulated compliance on the Island of Cuba and Puerto Rico with the General Act on Associations, promulgated in Spain on 30 June 1887. This act resulted in the authorisation and registration of thousands of political, artistic, religious, charitable and recreational associations, among them, the associations of Spanish residents in Cuba.

The documentation included in this collection, produced by the Negociado de Asociaciones del Gobierno Provincial de La Habana (Associations Department of the Provincial Government of Havana), contains deeds of incorporation, regulations, statutes, minutes of meetings, lists of members, etc. This documentation is very useful if we take into account that most of the Spanish formed part of charitable and mutual aid associations, generally constituted within regional or even local limits.

Registro de defunciones (Death register)

This register holds 482 bundles and 153 books of death certificates, dating from 1950 to 1967. This documentation can be very useful in obtaining details on Spanish emigrants who died in Cuba.

It was the Royal Decree of 21 August 1884 that stipulated that the Spanish Civil Registry Act of 17 June 1870 should be applied in Cuba from 1 January 1885. Therefore, any investigation into Civil Registry documentation in Cuba must begin in 1885. For previous dates we can only find broken series and therefore it is always necessary to consult parish registers.

Correspondencia de los Capitanes Generales (Captain Generals' Correspondence)

This documentation, from the office of the Captain General, remained in Cuba after the Spanish Administration transferred documents when evicted from the Greater Antilles island.

Its 509 bundles contain varied epistles referring to the arrival of Spanish nationals and foreigners to Cuba, shipwrecks, corsair and pirate movements, troop transfers, etc.

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