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Arquivo Nacional do Brasil

Address: Praça da República, 173. Rio de Janeiro, RJ-20211-350
Tel.: (00 53 7) 8629436
E-mail: consultas@arquivonacional.gov.br
Website: http://www.arquivonacional.gov.br

This archive contains a considerable number of extremely important documents on this subject . Users have access to several sets of documents concerning the entry of immigrants into Brazil. Those particularly worthy of mention are:

Departamento Nacional do Povoamento
This collection holds the immigrant registers of the Ilha das Flores and Pinheiro centres, as well as the Registers of the Rio de Janeiro Central Immigration Agency Register. The registers held date from 1875 to 1974.

División de Policía Marítima, Aérea y de Fronteras.
This contains the lists of passengers disembarking in Brazilian ports and those from planes landing at its airports. These lists contain a wealth of information for the study of emigration, with details including the entry date and name of the ship/plane, its place of departure and the personal details of the passengers carried. The archive holds passenger lists from 1875 to 1974 for the following ports: Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Recife, São Francisco do Sul, Esperança, Florianópolis, Uruguaiana, Salvador, Aquidauana, Corumbá, Porto Coutinho, Foz do Iguaçu, Guajará-Mirim, Belém, Manaus and Paraguaná.

Servicio de Policía Marítima, Aérea y de Fronteras. Registro Nacional de Extranjeros
This Register, created by Federal Decree no. 3010 of 20 August 1938, made it compulsory for all foreign nationals to register at their local police station, where they were issued with a document certifying their temporary or permanent residence in Brazilian Federal Territory. This foreign identity document was known for a long time as form 19. The Arquivo Nacional holds this documentation, which comes from the Federal Police Force, for the period spanning from 1838 to 1987.

Inspetoria Geral das Terras e Colonizaçao
This collection contains the lists of immigrants disembarking in the port of Rio de Janeiro between March 1817 and 1896.

Policía da Corte
This contains foreign national registration numbers and documents related to the presentation and authorisation of passports between 1808 and 1880.

Serie Agricultura- Terras Públicas e Colonizaçao
The most important documents here are those dealing with colonist settlement licences, the location of foreign workers in several provinces, the list of Spanish immigrant families camped at Fort Santa Teresa, etc. This series dates from 1819 to 1890.

Serie Interior-Extranjeros
These are the foreigner deportation files and authorisations to remain in Brazil between 1851 and 1947.

Serie Interior-Nacionalidades
This contains the application files for Brazilian citizenship (naturalisation).

Memorial do Imigrante

Address: Rua Visconte de Parnaíba, 1316-CEP 03164-300
Tel.:(00 55) 21791257, 21791273
E-mail: museudaimigracao@museudaimigracao.org.br
Website: http://museudaimigracao.org.br/

The Memorial records from the Hospedaria de Brás immigrant centre, opened in 1888. From 1887 this centre received, registered and housed immigrants arriving in São Paulo. The centre concluded its activities in 1978.

This collection, which enables users to make online searches of emigrants, holds the following documentation:

Listas de pasajeros del Puerto de Santos
Entries are dated between 1888 and 1978. Departures between 1908 and 1950.

Libros registro de inmigrantes alojados en la Hospedaria do Bom Retiro y Hospedaria de Brás
A set of 150 registration books from 1882 to 1962

Fichas de la Delegación de Extranjeros de São Paulo / Secretaría de Seguridad Pública
These are data sheets ordered alphabetically and by nationality, from 1945 to 1984.

Documentos del Registro de Extranjeros producidos por las Delegaciones de Interior de São Paulo
Documentation from 1938 to the mid 1940's.

Fichas de registro de inmigrantes
Documents produced by the Intergovernmental Committee for European Migrations (ICEM) from 1947 to 1970, including files of persons displaced after World War II.

Arquivo Público do Estado de São Paulo

Address: Av. Cruzeiro do Sul, 1777 – Santana – São Paulo – SP – CEP 02031-000
Tel.:(00 55 21) 20898100
Contact: http://www.arquivoestado.sp.gov.br/ins_faleconosco.php
Website: http://www.arquivoestado.sp.gov.br/

Inspección de inmigración en el puerto de Santos
This archive holds this series issued by the Secretariat of the agricultural and provisions sections. It contains monthly tables of migratory movements, immigrant entry certificates and passenger lists.

The archive website has a specific portal for immigration to São Paulo, with an emigrant search engine. Access to this website is via: http://www.arquivoestado.sp.gov.br/imigracao/presenca.php

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