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Archivo General de la Nación de México

Address: Eduardo Molina 113, esquina con Albañiles, Col. Penitenciaría Ampliación, Deleg. Venustiano Carranza, C.P. 15350 México, D.F.
Tel.: (00 52) 51339900
Contact: http://www.agn.gob.mx/barra/contacto.php
Website: http://www.agn.gob.mx/

Registro Nacional de Extranjeros
Of the collections contained in this archive, the most important for studying Spanish emigration is the Registro Nacional de Extranjeros (National Register of Foreign Nationals), drawn up from 1929 by the Directorate General of Migratory Services of the Governance Secretariat of Mexico.

It was compulsory for all foreign nationals living in the Republic of Mexico as of 1 May 1926 to be registered in this register. The records contain a registration booklet (passport) and personal identification of the applicant with his/her parentage. Said documents showed foreign nationals' legal entry or immigrant status.

The register included both foreign nationals entering Mexico between 1929 and 1942, and also those that the Migration Service managed to record entering between 1854 and 1929. The period with the most records runs from 1870 to 1942.

The Spanish immigrant group accounts for approximately 29% of all documents in the Registro Nacional de Extranjeros (National Registry of Foreigners), with about 52,000 people registered. The first Spanish national was registered in 1854. The documentation from the Migration Department consists of the forms Spanish nationals filled out when they entered the country, basically from 1930 to 1940.

Archivo Histórico del Instituto Nacional de Migración

Address: Av. Ejército Nacional 862. Col. Los Morales C.P. 11540 México D.F.
Tel.: (00 52) 53872400 ext. 18417
Website: http://www.inm.gob.mx

This is an institutional archive dating back to the creation of the Migration Department in 1926, and is the earliest predecessor of the National Institute of Migration.

This archive holds around half a million case files in over one hundred identified series. These series contain documents referring to population movements both of foreign nationals and of Mexicans emigrating to the United States who began processing applications for various reasons: settlement, emigration, repatriation, citizenship, diverse licences, etc.

The archive holds an important series of "refugees", comprising data sheets of exiled Spanish republicans, and also other exiles from Latin America who arrived up to the 1960's.

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