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Archivo Nacional de Chile

Address: Miraflores, 50. Santiago
Tel.: (00 56) 3605213
E-mail: archivo.nacional@archivonacional.cl
Website: http://www.archivonacional.cl/sitio/

This archive offers information on individual applications for Chilean nationality from 1890 to 1948.

From 1935 onwards, passports and other records of foreigners taking Chilean nationality can be found, and also those of foreign nationals with permanent residence in Chile from 1940.

It also conserves lists of foreign passengers arriving in Chile registered by maritime departments with bases in Chilean ports.

The Archivo Nacional de Chile possesses databases of foreigners taking Chilean nationality or who applied for nationality between the years 1927 and 1947. There are approximately 3,500 records. Persons taking Chilean citizenship prior to 1927 can be consulted in a document published by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which covers said procedures from  1890 to 1926.

For those interested in obtaining further information, the local newspapers published daily passenger lists and users may visit the newspaper section of the National Library and ask to browse through the relevant publications.

Archivo General Histórico del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

Address: Teatinos 180. Santiago
Tel.: (00 56 2) 8274200
E-mail: sgutierrez@minrel.gob.cl
Website: https://minrel.gob.cl/archivo-general-historico/biblioarchivo/2010-05-24/134117.html

The Fondo Histórico (1818-1860) may possibly hold documentation concerning Spanish immigrants.

The Fondo Inmigración holds documentation on migrations to Chile. This collection in general holds visa and settlement applications, national policies on immigration, etc.

The Censo General de la República which was taken in 1907 in the territory between the province of Tacna to the north and the province of Magallanes to the south, holds valuable information about Spanish immigrants. Nevertheless, several General Censuses were taken from 1835 which should also be taken into account.

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