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The archives and records of notaries public contain documents of great personal value such as those awarding powers of attorney, division of goods and property, receipts of payment, dowries, loans and last wills and testaments, in particular. These archives are organised by notary public office and may contain documents illustrating different aspects of emigrants' lives.

Archivo Histórico de Protocolos de Madrid

Address: Calle Alberto Bosch 4, 2ª planta. 28014 Madrid
Tel: +34 91 420 05 34
Fax: +34 91 369 03 15
E-mail: archivo.hco.protocolos@madrid.org

This archive contains the registries of public deeds and documents issued by the heads of diplomatic missions, consuls and honorary diplomatic agents attached to Spanish overseas consulates from the 18th century.

The notary function performed by diplomats, not always acknowledged prior to the 19th century, is currently governed by the Regulations of the Body of Notaries Public of 2 June 1944, which awards the exercise of notary public functions overseas to the heads of diplomatic missions, consuls and honorary diplomatic agents or their corresponding delegates (Embassy Secretary and Vice Consuls).

New documents are added to this collection every year, and come, once they are one hundred years old, from the General Archive of the Notary Public College in Madrid, which in turn receives them from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This archive contains the following series of consulate notary records for the Iberoamerican region:

  • Argentina: 1852-1909
  • Brazil: 1837-1909
  • Chile: 1890-1906
  • Cuba: 1899-1909
  • Mexico: 1838-1909
  • Panama: 1882-1889
  • Puerto Rico: 1899-1908
  • Uruguay: 1867-1909

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