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Civil Governments were responsible for processing and granting / denying boarding permits and passports. Civil Governors were also responsible for managing the Servicio de Sanidad Marítima (Maritime Health Service) in their respective provinces under the Ministerio de Gobernación (Ministry of the Interior). Each authorised port had its own special Dirección especial de Sanidad (Health Directorate). The Bills of Health - documents or certificates which ship captains had to submit to the offices of Maritime Health, detailing the health situation at their country of departure, of the ship, of crew members and of passengers - had to list all passengers' names on the back. These Bills of Health must be found in the documentation of Civil Governments

As a general rule, the Civil Governments have transferred their documentation to the Provincial Historical Archives, but provinces which do not have this type of documentation archive have transferred it to other state archives with similar functions: Archivos de los Reinos (Archives of the Kingdoms) and the Archivo General de la Administración (General Archive of the Administration).

In the case of the documentation held by the General Archive of the Administration on Civil Governments, no series on emigration has been identified to date

Another source held in the Provincial Historical Archives or the Archivos de Protocolos (Protocol Archives), depending on the province in question, are the deeds recorded in notaries' registers which can serve as a complimentary source for studying emigration. Indirect data are included in power of attorneys, wills, sales contracts, etc.

Indirect references can also be found in the Property Register (the former Mortgage Accounts Offices) and the Trade Register.

The information of the Provincial Historical Archives can be found at the Censo-Guía de Archivos de España e Iberoamérica.

Emigration sources have been identified in the following Provincial Historical Archives:

Archivo Histórico Provincial de Cádiz (Historical Provincial Archive of Cadiz)

Address: Calle de Cristóbal Colón, 12. 11005 Cádiz
Tel.: (00 34) 956 20 33 51
E-mail: informacion.ahp.ca.ccul@juntadeandalucia.es
Website: http://www.juntadeandalucia.es/cultura/archivos/ahpcadiz

The collection of the Gobierno Civil de Cádiz (Civil Government of Cadiz) holds a series of passports for travelling overseas, which were submitted to the Government to obtain a visa. This series covers from 1810 to 1811 and from 1826 to 1866. Due to the importance of the Port of Cadiz during the 19th century, this documentary series holds a wealth of information.

The images of passports are available on FamilySearch:

Archivo Histórico Provincial de Cantabria (Historical Provincial Archive of Cantabria)

Address: C/ Ruiz de Alda, 19. 39009 Santander
Tel.: (00 34) 942 24 15 60
E-mail: ahpc@cantabria.es
Website: http://www.culturadecantabria.com/archivo-historico

The documentation of the Civil Government includes a series of record books on passports for travelling overseas, dating from 1824 to 1856.

Archivo Histórico Provincial de Pontevedra (Historical Provincial Archive of Pontevedra)

Address: Paseo de Colón, 4. 36002 Pontevedra
Tel.: (00 34) 986 85 21 18
E-mail: arq.historico.pontevedra@xunta.es
Website: http://arquivosdegalicia.xunta.es/portal/arquivo-historico-provincial-de-pontevedra/content/el-archivo/index.html?lang=es

The collection of the Vigo Police Station preserves the lists of passengers who boarded at this port between 1947 and 1980.

Along the same lines, the Department of Foreign Health of Vigo holds the documentation of the Lazareto de la Isla de San Simón (lazar house on Saint Simons Island), mainly from the first thirty years of the 20th century. This documentation is comprised of the lists of passengers who made a stopover at this lazar house

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