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Bernabeu López, Rafael (1903-?)




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Bernabeu López, Rafael (1903-?)Other forms

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1903-04-11 - desconocida


Spanish columnist. His father worked as a veterinarian and died when he was just ten years old. Then, his mother decided to move the family to Requena, her hometown. Rafael spent his childhood and adolescence in that city. After finishing the main school years and his baccalaureate, he started a degree on Medicine in Valencia. He became the director of the university's music group, playing in different auditoriums all over Spain. Nevertheless, his true vocation was not medicine but teaching, hence he spent the rest of his life as a national teacher. Along with his wife, Joaquina Jordá, he moved to his first destination: Villálvaro, in the province of Soria. Shortly before the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, he could obtain the permanent position in Requena. During his stay in Soria, he started to develop the idea of creating a history book of Requena. It took him 20 years to finish the whole project, time that he spent researching, going down different places, visiting archives and removing the dust from diverse papers, from which he could create the "Historia crítica y documentada de la ciudad de Requena" (1945), becoming a reference book for local historiography. Besides that book, which was republished (1982), he wrote many more, such as the following: "Requena durante la primera Guerra Carlista" (1936); "La Vera Cruz requenense" (1955); "Estampas requeneses" (1962); "Más estampas requenenses" (1974); "Serrano Clavero cantor de la raza" (1986); "Requena y sus poetas" (1991); "Leyendas y tradiciones"; "Acuarelas requenenses"; "Nuevas estampas requenenses" (1995); along with numerous articles in journals, newspapers and specialized papers. Rafael founded and was director of "Rondalla y Coros de Requena", a successful music organization that played in the main cities of Spain. However, not many people knew about his skills with the guitar, as he kept if just for his family and close friends. He composed different plays for choirs and stringed instruments, such as habaneras, Christmas carols, motets and even a mass. He was the official columnist of Requena and dean of the columnist from the Kingdom of Valencia; a member of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas; director of the Colegio Nacional Alfonso X el Sabio; he was granted with the gold medallion of the Order of Cisneros and the Cross of Alfonso X the Wise; he was named cherished son of Requena. CONTEXT: Archival History of the Historical Archive of Requena: In the 19th century, the municipal secretaries bequeathed us several inventories of the archive, which was divided between the Secretary's archive and the "old archive" (1858, 1861, 1881, 1892, 1897). In 1917 an interesting inventory was also made and is preserved in the archive. By agreement of the plenary session of 16 August 1944, it was decided to separate the administrative archive from the historical archive. The work of classification and arrangement of the administrative archive was entrusted to the Municipal Secretary and the installation of the historical archive in showcases in the councilmen's room and its classification and arrangement was entrusted to the city's chronicler, Rafel Bernabeu López. The most outstanding action in the Archive was the one carried out by the Generalitat Valenciana in the 80's when trainees carried out the classification and cataloguing of a great part of the historical fund of the Municipal Archive of Requena.

In 1944, he was in charge of the classification and organization of the historical archives of Requena.


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Cronistas in  Requena (Valencia, España)


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