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Person - Bassegoda i Nonell, Joan (1930-2012)

Bassegoda i Nonell, Joan (1930-2012)




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Bassegoda i Nonell, Joan (1930-2012)Other forms

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1930 - 2012-07-30


Spanish architect. Scholar and promoter of the works of Antonio Gaudí. On March 1957, he graduated as architect in the ETSAB and, in 1960, he received his PhD by the UPC. All his career developed in the school of Barcelona as lecturer, class manager, professor, and numerary professor of History of Architecture, Urban Planning, Gardening and Landscape. In 1968, he was named director of the Cátedra Gaudí (UPC), where he worked until 2000, when he retired and became its conservator, and then became its honorary director from 2010. He published several articles, studies and books dedicated to Gaudí, his works and to modernism. He also focused on buildings' restoration, such as the one of the Cathedral of Barcelona, Tarragona, Tortosa o La Seu d'Urgell or Santa María del Mar, the monastery of Pedralbes y Poblet, the Palau of Catalonia's music, the Gran Teatre del Liceu or the Llotja de Mar. In 1964, he was a founding member of Icomos (International Council of Monuments and Sites), and became its president in the 80s. Since 1966, he was president of the organization Amics de Gaudí. His career was recognised by the Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts of Barcelona, the Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi (he was its president), and the Reial Aadèmia de Doctors, where he was numerary academic, and by the Royal Academies of Fine Arts of Madrid, Sevilla, A Coruña and Málaga. Moreover, he was granted with the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts (1989) and the Medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontífice (2003). He was also an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects of Washington.


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Bassegoda Amigó, Bonaventura (1862-1940)  - Descendant (Es nieto/a de)

Bassegoda i Musté, Bonaventura (1896-1987)  - Descendant (Es hijo/a de)

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Gaudí, Antonio (1852-1926)  ( Es aprendiz (de un oficio) de/ es alumno de/ trabaja con )

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