Person - Díaz Hierro, Diego (1912-1979)

Díaz Hierro, Diego (1912-1979)




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Díaz Hierro, Diego (1912-1979)

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Huelva (España)  1912-09-21 - Huelva (España)  1979-07-07


Spanish chronicler, historian, poet and teacher. He completed his first studies at the Colegio de Padres Agustinos (School of Augustine fathers) of Huelva, and high school at the old High School “La Rábida”, later he studied in the Pontifical Seminary of Seville, city in which he began his degree in Philosophy and Literature, that he ended in Madrid, where he would stay as an assistant professor in Literature and Latin Language until 1948. From that year on he his lessons in Huelva, first at the High School La Rábida and then at the feminine one Diego de Guzmán y Quesada. Relevant poetic figure of the “Post-war”, he was not outstanding just because of his poetry. Intellectualy versatile, he was Huelva’s official chronicler, city to which he would stay linked for the rest of his life as a teacher, but also as a rigorous local historian that gave him access to the Academy of History and also of the academy of San Fernando.

These are some of his works: “Historias de las calles y plazas de Huelva y Breve historia de la farmacia en Huelva”, “Introducción de la imprenta en Huelva”, “Historia de la Catedral de Huelva y Huelva y los Guzmanes” (posthumous work).

He collaborated as a journalist since the sixties in Radio Sevilla. Additionally, it is notable his poetic work with “Poemas de España” (1937), “El molino de cartón”, “Tu vida en secreto”, “La fiesta de las rosas” (1941) and “Las musas y nosotros” (posthumous work).


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Profesores between 1948 and 1976

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Cronistas between 1960 and 1979-07-07

Authors in  Huelva (España) between 1937 and 1979-07-07


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Huelva (España) in 1912-09-21

Lugar de Defunción:

Huelva (España) in 1979-07-07

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Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (Madrid, España)  ( He/She is a member of )

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Real Academia de la Historia (España)  ( He/She is a member of )

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