Person - Cid Rumbao, Alfredo (1912-2000)

Cid Rumbao, Alfredo (1912-2000)




Preferred form:

Cid Rumbao, Alfredo (1912-2000)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Allariz (Ourense, España)  1912-12-08 - Ourense (España)  2000-03-07


Spanish teacher. Columnist in Villa de Allariz, and since 1976, in Orense too. Son of Alfredo and Regina. He studied teaching and worked of it in Orense until his retirement. His work as columnist and researcher in cultural and patrimonial history in Allariz and Orense, as well as in the whole province, signified a prodigious compiling work, and a push for the knowledge of the inner-history and the popular and monumental history of the province of Orense. In that way, his works encouraged the Administración Central to grant Allariz the National Touristic Interest title.

The works of Cid Rumbao that better show his importance are the following monographs: "Reseña histórica del Castillo de Allariz" and "Allariz, villa y corte románica"; as well as "Guía Turística da provincia de Ourense", "Crónica e guía do Mosteiro de Oseira", "Crónica e guíado Mosteiro de Montederramo", "Historia de Allariz" and "Ourense, ruta e mantel", in between numerous studies and columns.

Among his merits, we can highlight the Cross of Alfonso X the Wise, granted according to his pedagogic achievements.


(Función) Desempeña/lleva a cabo/realiza:

Cronistas in  Allariz (Ourense, España) between 1940 and 2000

(Función) Desempeña/lleva a cabo/realiza:

Académicos in  Galicia (España) between 1966 and 2000


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Allariz (Ourense, España) in 1912-12-08

Lugar de Defunción:

Ourense (España) in 2000-03-07

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