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Person - Arboleya Varona, Francisco de Paula (1815-1871)

Arboleya Varona, Francisco de Paula (1815-1871)




Preferred form:

Arboleya Varona, Francisco de Paula (1815-1871)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Osuna (Sevilla, España)  1815-05-19 - Sevilla (España)  1871-11-09


Spanish Law professor. He was awarded a degree and a doctorate in Jurisprudence by the University of Seville in 1842. He was a professor of History and General Discipline of the Spanish Church at the University of Seville in 1853.

He carried out other activities such as:

Lawyer and member of the honourable Bar Association of Seville.

He belonged to the Volunteers and Shooters Company in San Fernando de Sevilla.

He was in charge of the Public Prosecutor’s Management in the 1st Court of Seville between 1843-1844.


Profession (carried on by):

Catedráticos de Derecho

Public prosecutors between 1843 and 1844


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Osuna (Sevilla, España) in 1815-05-19

Lugar de Defunción:

Sevilla (España) in 1871-11-09

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