Person - Akkad, Moustapha (1930-2005)

Akkad, Moustapha (1930-2005)




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Akkad, Moustapha (1930-2005)Other forms

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Alepo (Siria)  1930-07-01 - 2005-11-11


Moustapha Akkad was a Syrian film director and producer who developed his career mainly in the USA.

He studied film direction and production in University of California in Los Angeles, in the USA. After that, he did a master degree in University of Southern California, where he met the director Sam Peckinpah, who became his mentor in Hollywood until he found a job as producer in CBS television channel. During a large part of his career, he tried to explain Islam to West, which is why we can find "The message" (1976), "Al Risalah" (1976) and "Lion of the dessert" (1980) among their most famous movies. Besides, he was the executive producer of the series of movies "Halloween", though only the first one became an iconic movie in horror films. He was murdered in 2005 in Aman (Jordan) in a suicide attack by Al-Qaeda.



United States

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Alepo (Siria) in 1930-07-01

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