Person - Albin, Hans (1905-1988)

Albin, Hans (1905-1988)




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Albin, Hans (1905-1988)

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1905-07-27 - Múnich (Baviera, Alemania)  1988-09-05


Hans Albin was a German film director, producer, actor and scriptwriter.

He first started as race pilot, but he later studied for actor in the Rudi-Meinhardt Theatre. Since 1931, he worked in Berlin as comedian following the orders of German film and theatre actor and director Heinz Hilpert. He soon found his path on cinema and worked, among others, with actor Heinz Rühmann. He also filmed himself on sport events like car races for movie theatres. He received an award in the Biennial for a documentary about the ice-skating couple Maxi Herber and Ernst Baier.

Since the end of the thirties, he worked on the cinema industry as assistant director, including in the "Rühmann, 5 Millionen suchen einen Erben" movie. In 1941, he published a magazine of short films with designs of the comedian Karl Valentin and the humorist Weiß Ferdl. After the war, Albin lived in Munich, where he made in the fifties and the sixties numerous movies such as "Karneval in Weiß" (1952), "Frühlingslied" (1954), "Der Chef wünscht keine Zeugen" (1964) or "Hurra, ein toller Onkel wird Papa" (1970), in which he usually co-wrote the script and participated in his own production company.


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Múnich (Baviera, Alemania) in 1988-09-05

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