Person - Aldama, Julio (ca. 1931-1989)

Aldama, Julio (ca. 1931-1989)




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Aldama, Julio (ca. 1931-1989)Other forms

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México  1931-09-10 - Ciudad de México (México)  1989-01-09


Julio Aldama was a Mexican actor, film director, scriptwriter and film producer.

He was born in Nueva Rosita (Coahuila) with name Julio Augurio Aguado Turrubiates. In 1953, he left his medicine degree and, at the same year, Ángel Rabanal gave him the oportunity to work as a singer in "El rancho del Edén" show. Thanks to his friend, the moviemaker Ismael Rodríguez, Aldama made his debut in the cinema industry as an actor in "Maldita ciudad" (1954), and he was the antagonist in "Tizoc" (1957). He participated in more movies, especially in the ranchero genre, in which he used to play songs. Luis Alcoriza proposed him to act in "Tlayucan" (1962) and "Tiburoneros" (1963), the two movies that gave him several awards and numerous good criticis. He also took part on movies like "The paper man" (1963), "Dos alegres gavilanes" (1963), "Amor y sexo" (1964), "Fuego en la sangre" (1966), "Guns for San Sebastian" (1968), "El pocho" (1970) and "Fe, esperanza y caridad" (1974).

Since the seventies, he shaped his career as film director with "Primero el dólar" (1972) and afterwards, he directed movies such as "Hemerlinda linda" (1984), which was a box-office success. He also worked in various musical shows like "Noches Tapatías", "Así es mi tierra" and "Programa Nescafé". His last appearence on television was in the TV serie "El extraño retorno de Diana Salazar". He died due to cardiac arrest.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

México in 1931-09-10

Lugar de Defunción:

Ciudad de México (México) in 1989-01-09

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Alcoriza, Luis (1918-1992)  ( He/She/It collaborated with )

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