Person - Aliprandi, Marcello (1934-1997)

Aliprandi, Marcello (1934-1997)




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Aliprandi, Marcello (1934-1997)

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Rome  1934-01-02 - 1997-08-26


Marcello Aliprandi was an Italian film director, producer and scriptwriter.

At the mid-fifties, he left his economy degree and joined the Dramatic Arts Academy. He was Luchino Visconti's assistant in theatre and opera, and he was at his side in "The leopard" filming. In the sixties, he continued on the theatre business by directing his own pieces and operas. In 1968, he came back to the cinema as Alberto Lattuada's director assistant in "Fräulein Doktor". In 1970, he made his debut as film director with "La ragazza di latta" and afterwards, he directed "Smiling maniacs" (1975) and "A whisper in the dark" (1976).

After filming "Senza buccia" (1979), Aliprandi participated on several literary and theatre work adaptations for television, including "La mano indemoniata" (1981) and "Zoo di vetro" (1983). He moved for a short time in 1981 to the USA, where he directed part of the "Hello, Hollywood" musical. In 1982, he directed "Death in the Vatican" (1982). Due to the cinema crisis, he did not direct more movies for the big screen, but he did make some television series like "I ragazzi della valle misteriorsa" (1984) and "Quando ancora non c'erano i Beatles" (1988). At the beginning of the nineties, after the foundation of the production comapny "Movietone of Italy" with his friend Lino Patruno, he came back to the cinema industry by directing and producing "Prova di memoria" (1992) and "Soldato ignoto" (1995).



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Rome in 1934-01-02

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Rome in 1997-08-26

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