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Allen, Woody (1935-)




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1935-12-01 - existente actualmente


Allan Stewart Königsberg, better known with his artistic name Woody Allen, is an American film director, scriptwriter, actor, musician, dramatist, humorist and writer. He has won 4 Oscars. Since 1969, he has produced 45 movies (one each year). He comes from a Jewish family with Russian and Austrian origins. He is a great clarinettist and he usually plays with a group of jazz for the general plubic.

He began his career as humorist when he was 16 years old, something which will feel identified with for all his life. In 1986, he filmed his first movie: "Take the money and run". Among his first movies there are: "Bananas", "Sleeper" or "Anni Hall", which won the Oscar. From this point, his success grew up until being considered one of the best film directors of history, obtaining different awards like the Prince of Asturias.

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