Person - Amadori, Luis César (1902-1977)

Amadori, Luis César (1902-1977)




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Amadori, Luis César (1902-1977)Other forms

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Pescara (Abruzos, Italia)  1902-05-28 - 1977-06-05


Luis César Amadori was an Argentinian-Italian film director, scriptwriter, writer, musician, painter and producer.

He was one of the most outstanding figures of the Golden Age of cinema, theatre and tango in Argentina. He was born in Italy, but he emigrated to Argentina with 5 years old, where he studied medicine in Córdoba around 1918. However, he did not finish his degree to continue with his writing interests. He was chosen by Walt Disney to direct the Spanish dubbing of his first four movies. As cinematographic scriptwriter, he used Gabriel Peña as his pseudonym; and as musician, Leo Carter (in the intimacy, they called him Gino). In 1955, he was forced to emigrate again to Spain, where he became one of the most important figures of film direction of the fifties and sixties in that country. He also became theatre director. Some of his most popular works are: "Acompáñame" (1966), "Eva Perón inmortal" (1952) or "Maestro levita" (1938), that was his first great work. He also carried out a large genre of historic cinema.

He got married with actress Zully Moreno in 1947 and died at his home in Buenos Aires the 5th June 1977 at the age of 75.




Lugar de Nacimiento:

Pescara (Abruzos, Italia) in 1902-05-28

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1977-06-05

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