Person - Amato, Giuseppe (1899-1964)

Amato, Giuseppe (1899-1964)




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Amato, Giuseppe (1899-1964)Other forms

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Nápoles (Campania, Italia)  1899-08-24 - 1964-02-03


Giuseppe Amato was an Italian film producer, director, scriptwriter and actor.

He was born in Naples. His real name was Giuseppe Vesutaro. He worked since the twenties as film producer in Naepolitan movies. After making a movie with a great budget, filmed in Naples by Metro Goldwyn Mayer, he went to the USA until the beginning of the sound film, when he came back to Italy. He worked as an actor, scriptwriter and film director as well. This last job was the less productive to him because none of his movies obtained a good recognition. He was a promoter of the Italian cinema in the thirties. Some of the movies he prodcued are "La cena delle beffe" (1941), "Quatro passi fra le nuvole" (1942) and "La dolce vita" (1959).

Peppino Amato died in Rome due to a heart attack. 4 years before, he won the David di Donatello award.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Nápoles (Campania, Italia) in 1899-08-24

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Rome in 1964-02-03

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