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Person - Anthony, Joseph (1912-1993)

Anthony, Joseph (1912-1993)




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Anthony, Joseph (1912-1993)Other forms

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1912-05-24 - Massachusetts (Estados Unidos)  1993-01-20


Joseph Anthony was an American dramatist, actor and theatre and film director.

He studied theatre when he was young at the Pasadena Playhouse between 1931 and 1935. He served in the USA army since 1942 to 1946. He stood out more for his contribution to the theatre business than to cinema with great Broadway works like "The country girl" (1951), "Camino real" (1953) or "Anastasia" (1954). His first outstanding cinema performance was in 1934 with "Hat, Coat and Glove". He also worked in other movies like "She" (1935), "Joe Smith, American" (1942). The first movie that was entirley of his own was "The Rainmaker" (1956), which was followed by many more until "Tomorrow" (1972).

He died the 20th January 1993 in Hyannis (Massachusets) at the age of 80.



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Massachusetts (Estados Unidos) in 1993-01-20

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