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Arau, Alfonso (1932-)




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Arau, Alfonso (1932-)Other forms

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1932-01-11 - existente actualmente


Alfonso Arau was a Mexican film director, musician, singer, actor and scriptwriter.

He started his career as comedian and dancer by the side of Sergio Corona making a duet (Corona y Arau). They had the leading role of numerous movies. They got separated in 1959. In 1965, he worked in the movie "There are no thieves in this village". He directed his first movie in 1971, in which he had a role as well: "El águila descalza". Other movies set in Mexico and produced by him were "El rincón de las vírgenes" (1972) and "Calzonzin inspector" (1973). Since 2000, he started to meet famous actors and directors of Hollywood, like Alejandro Fernández (who will work in his movie "Zapata el sueño de un héroe") or Woody Allen. He has recieved many rewards in his long career, especially national ones.

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