Person - Fanck, Arnold (1889-1974)

Fanck, Arnold (1889-1974)




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Fanck, Arnold (1889-1974)

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Renania-Palatinado (Alemania)  1889-03-06 - 1974-09-28


Arnold Franck was a German film director.

He was a pioneer in mountain cinema and managed to create a new genre within recording business. Through his love for cinema, documentaries and geology, he started to film in the mountains and released a new genre within cinema. His most popular movies are: "The holy mountain" (1926), "The white hell of Pitz Palu" (1929) or "S.O.S. Eisberg" (1933). He had problemas during the beginning of nazi regime due to his bad relationship with Joseph Goebbels because he did not want to collaborate with him. At the end, he was forced to cooperate by creating propaganda movies like "Ein Robinson" (1939) and ended up joining the NSDAP (Nazi party). Because of this, most of his movies outside Germany were banned after Second World War.

He died the 28th September 1974 in Fribourg at the age of 85.



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Renania-Palatinado (Alemania) in 1889-03-06

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Friburgo de Brisgovia (Baden-Wurtemberg, Alemania) in 1974-09-28

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