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Attenborough, Richard (1923-2014)




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Attenborough, Richard (1923-2014)Other forms

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Cambridge (Inglaterra, Reino Unido)  1923-08-29 - London (England, United Kingdom)  2014-08-24


Richard Atthenborough was a British film director, actor and producer.

He studied in Leicester in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He began working in 1941 as an actor in thetares, but the success came in 1947 with "The man within". He was slowly obtaining more fame as an actor until becoming a star. He made his debut as director with "Oh! What a lovely war!" (1969), "Young Winston" (1972) and "A bridge too far" (1977), but his master piece was "Gandhi" (1982), which won 8 Oscars. Other famous movies are "Chaplin" (1992), which made Robert Downey Jr become famous, and "Shadowlands" (1993). At last, he performed again in the successful "Jurassisc Park" (1993) and his two last great perfomances in "Hamlet" (1996) and "Elizabeth" (1998).

He died the 24th august 2014 in London due to cardiac arrest at the age of 90.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Cambridge (Inglaterra, Reino Unido) in 1923-08-29

Lugar de Defunción:

London (England, United Kingdom) in 2014-08-24

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