Person - Bragaglia, Carlo Ludovico (1894-1998)

Bragaglia, Carlo Ludovico (1894-1998)




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Bragaglia, Carlo Ludovico (1894-1998)Other forms

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Ferentino (Lacio, Italia)  1894-07-08 - Rome  1998-01-03


Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia was an Italian film director and scriptwriter.

He came from a noble family of film makers. He started studying Jurisprudence until he had to go to First World War, where he was severly wounded and earned sevearl medals. Later on, he worked with his brother Arturo as photographer and portrait painter of actors, poets, journalists, etc. In 1918, he founded with his brother Anton Giulio the Casa d'Arte Bragaglia, which was a meeting point for painters, writers and film makers. Between 1922 and 1930 he signed up with his brother more than twenty theatre productions after the foundation of the Fringe theatre. He started his career as film director in 1933 with "Your money or your life". He became an expert in the white telephones, especially in comedies. In 1939 he signed up for "Animali Pazzi". He stood out as one of the most versatile film directors of his age. He won many prizes and made several movies. The most famous ones were: "Due Cuori Sotto sequestro" (1941), "Pazza di Gioia" (1940) o "Un mare di guai" (1939).

He died the 3rd January 1998 at the age of 103.

World War, 1914-1918

Description: participó y fue condecorado por sufrir varias heridas graves.

Date of the event: 1914 - 1918



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Ferentino (Lacio, Italia) in 1894-07-08

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Rome in 1998-01-03

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