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Bergman, Ingmar (1918-2007)




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Bergman, Ingmar (1918-2007)Other forms

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Sweden  1918-07-14 - Sweden  2007-07-20


Ingmar Bergman was Swedish scriptwriter and theatre director.

He soon grew apart from his family and began his career in the show business as director assistant in the Royal Swedish Opera. His filming career started in 1941 working as scriptwriter and got a great success, something that led him to direct the movie "Crisis" (1946). His first international recognition was with his work "Sommerlek" (1952). However, he is really known for "Smiles of a summer night" (1955). Some of his movies have been awarded with the Oscar for best foreign language film: "Fanny and Alexander" (1983), "Through a glass darkly" (1961) or "The virgin spring" (1960). Other well known movies are: "The seventh seal" (1957), "Wild strawberries" (1957) and "Persona" (1966). Bergman is considered one of the most important film directors of the second half of the 20th century and, to some people, the best film maker ever.

He died the 20th July 2007 in Faro (Sweden) at the age of 89.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Sweden in 1918-07-14

Lugar de Defunción:

Sweden in 2007-07-20

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