Person - Blystone, John G. (1892-1938)

Blystone, John G. (1892-1938)




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Blystone, John G. (1892-1938)Other forms

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Wisconsin (Estados Unidos)  1892-12-02 - 1938-08-06


John G. Blystone was an American film director and producer.

He directed along his career around 100 movies bewteen 1915 and 1938. His first movie was "Their Last Haul" (1915). Little by little, he earned the critics respect. He filmed with great actors like in "Block-Heads" (1938) with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, who appeared in many of his works. He was brother of Staley Blystone and was, at the beginning, Jasper Blystone's director assistant. Some of his most famous movies are "Our hospitality" (1923), "The great guy" (1936) and "Swiss miss" (1938).

He died the 6th August 1938 in Los Angeles at the age of 45.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Wisconsin (Estados Unidos) in 1892-12-02

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Los Ángeles (California, Estados Unidos) in 1938-08-06

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