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Boese, Carl (1887-1958)




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1887-08-26 - 1958-07-06


Carl Boese was a German film director, producer and scriptwriter.

He graduated in History of Arts, Philosophy and Theatre in Berlin and Leipzig. He served in the First World War as sodlier, where he was severly wounded and had his arm permanently paralayzed. He later worked as film critic and journalist. His beginning as director was with Paul Wgener. They together made a blockbuster: "Der Golem, Wie er in die Welt kam" (1920), a German silent film quite popular among the critic and a master piece of expressionist cinema. He founded in 1926 his own production company, Carl Boese-Film GmbH. His last big work during this decade was "Children of the street" (1929). When the talking films arrived, he focused on popular military comedies, where he hid subliminal messages in favour of NAZI party, which he joined for some years. After Second World War, he continued his career without too many effort making 13 movies more. His most famous movies are "Five millions seek an Heir" (1938) and "Polterabend" (1940).

He died the 6th July in 1958 in Berlin at the age of 70.

World War, 1914-1918

Description: perteneció al ejército alemán

Date of the event: 1914 - 1918



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