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Boisrond, Michel (1921-2002)




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Boisrond, Michel (1921-2002)Other forms

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1921-10-09 - 2002-11-10


Michel Boisrond was a French film director and writer.

He began his cinematographic career in the fourties helping different authors like Jean Delannoy and Robert Vernay. However, it was with René Clair when he really adquired experience by helping him in movies like "Beauty and the devil" (1949) and "Beauties of the night" (1952). In 1955, he directed his ifrst movie: "Naughty girl" starring Brigitte Bardot, and later "La Parisienne" (1957). Along with star Henri Vidal, he achieved a great box-office success with the movie "Come dance with me!" (1959). His favorite subjects were love, women and Paris. Everything was reflected in "Love and the Frenchwoman" (1960). In 1970, he made "Petit pocet" (1974) with Jean Pierre Marielle. His last works were on television with several series or movies like "Les folies Offenbach" (1977) and "Tout comme un homme" (1984).

He died the 10th November 2002 in La Celle-Saint-Cloud (Yvelines, France) at the age of 81.



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