Person - Bolváry, Gèza Von (1897-1961)

Bolváry, Gèza Von (1897-1961)




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Bolváry, Gèza Von (1897-1961)Other forms

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Budapest (Pest, Hungría)  1897-12-26 - Baviera (Alemania)  1961-08-10


Géza Von Bolváry was a Hungarian actor, scriptwriter and film director.

He studied in the Ludovica Military Academy, and later served in Hungarian army in Second World War. He started as actor in 1920 in silent films. After that, he worked in Star-Film company, in which he made his debut as film director and scriptwriter. His first movie was "Kétarcú Asszony" (1922). Between 1926 and 1928, he worked for Fellner & Somlo and in British International Pictures, among others, producing different movies like: "A man with heart" (1932), "Stradivarius" (1935) and "Opernball". After Second World War, he directed movies in different companies like "Schwarzwaldmelodie" (1956), "Die Fledermaus" (1946) and "Es wird alles wieder gut" (1957). Along his career, he directed around 100 movies, as well as some scripts.

He died the 10th August 1961 in Rosenheim at the age of 63.

World War, 1914-1918

Description: Participo en el ejército Húngaro como capitán de caballería.

Date of the event: 1914 - 1918



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Budapest (Pest, Hungría) in 1897-12-26

Lugar de Defunción:

Baviera (Alemania) in 1961-08-10

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