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from 1344 to 1714


The General Governorship of Catalonia (Gobernació General de Catalunya) appeared in the 13th century. This apparition was followed by the creation of a royal prosecutor, who normally was an Infante. The post of General Governor derived from the royal prosecutor. The reforms imposed by the Governorship started in 1344. In short, when the King was absent, he delegated his functions to a Lieutenant or General Governor, be it the King's first born, the Queen, a close relative or an important figure of the time.

The most important post was that of the Governor, after the General Lieutenant. He possessed civil and criminal jurisdiction and enjoyed the employees' inspection and the resolution of matters between Lords and vassals. There was a "portantveus", a financial prosecutor and a public scribe.

The institution was abolished by means of the Decrees of Nova Planta in 1714


The related documentation is formed by the remains of the Archive of the Governorship’s portantveus in possession of the Marquis of Barberá, its emphyteutic owner. This documentation entered the Archive of the Crown of Aragon in 1901.


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