Person - Alcobé Biosca, José (1912-?)

Alcobé Biosca, José (1912-?)




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Alcobé Biosca, José (1912-?)

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Spain  1912 - desconocida


Spanish teacher, pharmacist, writer and politician, exiled. He was born in 1912, the locality is unknown. In Spain, he was politically active in the PSUC (Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia) and he was also the town concillor in Lleida and a member of the National Committee of the FETE.

Member of the group BATEC, group of teachers really present in Lleida’s educational life and life in general, during the immediately preceding period to the Second Spanish Republic.

After the Civil War he lived in France, and the last known place where he lived in the Gallic country was Le Havre. He boarded the ship La Salle and arrived at the Dominican Republic in May, 1940. He was married and 28 years old. His wife’s name was Josefa Suñé Catá. His last known residence in this place country was El Seibo, Colonia Pedro Sánchez (Dominican Republic).

According to consulted sources, Jose Alcobé belonged to institutions of the FETE in Mexico during the fifties, therefore he moved to this country, but we do not keep the migration file.

Lasalle (barco de vapor)

Location associated with the date: Francia

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939



Authors  Obs.:  Sobre teoria de Educación



Lleida (España)


France in 1939

Place of arrival:

Puerto Plata (República Dominicana) in 1940-05-16


México in 1950

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Spain in 1912





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Partit Socialista Unificat de Catalunya  ( Milita en el Partido y es concejal por Lleida. )

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