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Person - Coloma Luque, Antonia (1909-?)

Coloma Luque, Antonia (1909-?)




Preferred form:

Coloma Luque, Antonia (1909-?)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Madrid (España)  1909-11-01 - desconocida


Exiled Spanish homemaker. She went to Mexico after the Spanish Civil War with her family. Sister of Rafael and Francisco Coloma Luque. She married León García Cazorla. Before the Spanish Civil War, she lived with her family in Madrid, and they moved to Cartagena (Murcia) during the war, where her husband served as a police officer driver. Her husband went into exile to France once the war was over and then went to Mexico in 1940. The year after, Antonia and her children Luis and Rafael García Coloma (8 and 5 years old, respectively) and her mother-in-law Isabel Cazorla, arrived in Veracruz (Mexico) on 30 September 1941 aboard the Nyassa from Lisbon. In her immigrant registry sheet she stated that Mariano García Cazorla, her brother-in-law, was her referral in the country, as he was living in Mexico City. She was a beneficiary of the JARE (Board of Assistance to Spanish Republicans). In 1942 she lived in Tlampam with her husband, her children and her mother-in-law.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939

Nyassa I (barco de vapor)

Description: Expedición que sale de Lisboa y llega a Veracruz en septiembre de 1941

Date of the event: 1941-09-30

Location associated with the date: Puerto de Veracruz (México)



Lugar de Residencia:

Ciudad de México (México)

Lugar de Llegada:

Veracruz (México)

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Madrid (España) in 1909-11-01




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