Gabriel García Márquez
Person - García Márquez, Gabriel (1927-2014)

García Márquez, Gabriel (1927-2014)




Preferred form:

García Márquez, Gabriel (1927-2014)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Aracataca (Magdalena, Colombia)  1927-03-06 - Ciudad de México (México)  2014-04-17


Gabriel José de la Concordia García Márquez (Aracataca, Colombia, 6th March, 1927 - Mexico, D.F., 17th April, 2014), known as Gabriel García Márquez, he was a Colombian writer, novelist, tale, short-story writer, scriptwriter, editor and journalist. In 1982 he was awarded with the Nobel Prize of Literature. He was known by his family and friends as Gabito (Colombian affectionate of Gabriel), or by his apocope Gabo since Eduardo Zalamea Borda, subdirector of the diary newspaper El Espectador, began to call him that way.

His most known work, the novel “Cien años de soledad”, is considered one of the most representative ones of the literary movement known as “magical realism” and it is even considered that the said term is applied to the literature that appeared from the sixties onwards in Latin America due to the success of his novel.


The Library Gabriel García Márquez of the Literary Agency Carmen Balcells is held at the General Archive of the Administration (AGA) of Alcalá de Henares. The Ministery of Culture acquired the Archive through various tradings to the literary agent of the Colombian Nobel Prize in the years 2010 and 2015. This archive constitutes, together with the personal archive of the writer acquired by the centre Harry Ramson of Texas (USA), the main nucleus of archival and bibliographical information about García Márquez.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Aracataca (Magdalena, Colombia) in 1927-03-06

Lugar de Defunción:

Ciudad de México (México) in 2014-04-17

Related Authorities

Balcells, Carmen (1930-2015)  ( Colabora con )

Associative relations :

Elío Bernal, María Luisa (1926-2009)  ( Es colega/ amigo de; Gabriel García Márquez dedicó su famosa novela "Cien años de Soledad" al matrimonio formado por Jomí García Ascot y María Luisa Elio. )

García Ascot, Jomi (1927-1986)  ( Es colega/ amigo de; Gabriel García Márquez dedico su famosa novela "Cien años de Soledad" a su amigo Jomí García Ascot y a su esposa Maria Luisa Elio. )


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