Person - Truffaut, François (1932-1984)

Truffaut, François (1932-1984)




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Truffaut, François (1932-1984)Other forms

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París (Isla de Francia, Francia)  1932-02-06 - 1984-10-21


François Truffaut was a French film critic and film director. He was one of the pioneers of the Nouvelle Vague. When he was young, he lived a difficult childhood that led him to a life of crime and to find shelter in books and cinema. André Bazin, film critic, helped him to overcame his problems by hiring him as film critic in the magazine "Travail et Culture". Later on, in 1953, he started to publish critiques in the famous magazine "Cahiers du Cinema" and, in 1954, he made his first short film. He worked as director assistant of Roberto Rosellini. In 1957, he married with Madeleine Morgentern, daughter of an important film distributor, and created his own production company: "Les Films du Carrosse". In 1959, he made his hist long film, one of the most famous: "Les Quatre Cents Coups". This movie is considered one of the first within the Nouvelle Vague or New French Wave movement. His favorite genres in his movies are childhood and orphanage, passion, women and loyalty. He recieved many awards and nominations, which one of the most outstanding is the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1973 for "La Nuit Américaine", in which he made a tribute to the cinema business.


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París (Isla de Francia, Francia) in 1932-02-06




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