Person - Uría Ríu, Juan (1891-1979)

Uría Ríu, Juan (1891-1979)




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Uría Ríu, Juan (1891-1979)Other forms

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1891 - 1979


Spanish historian and Professor of History. Son of the painter José Uría y Uría. He studied Law in the University of Oviedo and History in Madrid. In the eve of the Spanish Civil War, he moved with his family to the frontier between Galicia and Portugal. He went back to Oviedo in 1939, where he collaborated in the restart of the university after being destroyed in the war. He temporarily served as dean of the recently created Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, and shortly afterwards was appointed provincial commissioner of Archaeological Excavations. In 1940, he obtained the chair of Spanish History at the University of Oviedo, serving as dean and taking over the editorship of the Revista de la Universidad de Oviedo (University of Oviedo's magazine). In the 1950s, he established himself as one of the great specialists in the history of Asturias. In 1968, he was appointed official columnist of Asturias. He also was a member of the line-up of authors who composed the Gran Enciclopedia Asturiana (Great Asturian Encyclopaedia).


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Professors in  Oviedo (Asturias, España)

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Universidad de Oviedo (Asturias, España)  ( He/She works for )

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Uría Maqua, Juan (1931-2011)  - Progenitor (He is the father of)

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