Ignacio Allende
Person - Allende, Ignacio (1769-1811)

Allende, Ignacio (1769-1811)




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Allende, Ignacio (1769-1811)Other forms

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1769-01-21 - 1811-05-26


Ignacio José de Allende and Unzaga (San Miguel de Allende, January 21, 1769 -Chihuahua, June 26, 1811). He was a Mexican independence soldier, one of the main protagonists of the first phase of the insurrection that would lead the Independence of Mexico. His military career started in 1791, when he entered in the Grenadier?s Regiment and was destined in the military barracks in San Miguel el Grande and in 1795 was appointed Lieutenant of the third company. He met other creoles with whom he shared ideals of freedom and independence and dissatisfaction against the Spanish Government. In 1809, he intervened in the conspiracy of Valladolid, but was discovered and his leaders were arrested, but Allende escaped. He was in contact with the conspiracy of Querétaro in the House of the Mayor Miguel Domínguez (1756-1830) and his wife Josefa Ortiz (1768-1829). When the conspiracy was discovered, he escaped and warned another conspirator, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (1753-1811). The arrest of the Mayor Dominguez, forced on September 16, 1810, in the Villa of Dolores, Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla, in company of Ignacio Allende and Juan Aldama (1774-1811), they decided to convene immediately to the uprising against the Spanish domain, starting the independence movement. On September 28, they took Guanajuato. In the city of Valladolid, taken on October 17, more rebels joined, who successfully the royalist army in the ?Monte de las Cruces? - Mount of the crosses -. Allende became strong in Guanajuato, but he had to leave the city on November 25 because of the siege of the Viceroy Félix Calleja (1753-1828). Again, they faced the realist in the Calderón Bridge (January 17, 1811). He was proclaimed as Generalissimo, by renouncing Hidalgo on January 1811. On his trip to the North of the country, he was arrested in Acatita de Bajan, Coahuila, along with other insurgent leaders and being betrayed by Ignacio Elizondo (1766-1813). He was sent to Chihuahua, where he was prosecuted as a rebel and was sentenced to death.






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