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Person - Aldama González, Juan (1774-1811)

Aldama González, Juan (1774-1811)




Preferred form:

Aldama González, Juan (1774-1811)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

1774-01-03 - Chihuahua (estado, México)  1811-06-26


Juan Aldama González (San Miguel el Grande, Guanajuato, January 3, 1774 - Chihuahua, June 26, 1811). He was a Mexican insurgent and participated in the Independence of Mexico in the armed struggle against the Spanish troops, along with the priest Miguel Hidalgo (1753-1811) and Ignacio Allende (1769-1811). At the beginning of the War of Independence of Mexico, he was Captain of the Cavalry Regiment of the Queen?s militias in his village. In the year 1809, along with his brother, Ignacio Aldama (1769-1811), he participated in the Conspiracy of Valladolid and in the Secret Meetings of Querétaro and San Miguel. Once discovered the conspiracy, he abandoned San Miguel and headed to the city of Dolores, where he participated, along with the priest Miguel Hidalgo, in the uprising which would give the cry of the independence of Mexico on September 16, 1810. To the following day, he created a Directive Junta in San Miguel el Grande and was appointed President giving rise to the first insurgents Government. He was promoted to Lieutenant General obtaining victory in the Battle of Monte of the Crosses and in the assault of Guanajuato. He was directed with his troops to the Mexican capital and heading to his destination, he directed his men in the Battle occurred in Calderón Bridge. He travelled along with other insurgents to the North of the country, proposing to go to the United States to send elements of war and to evade the Spanish troops. He stayed along with Allende throughout the campaign until, in Acatita de Bajan, he was arrested along with other insurgents. He was one of the excepted by the pardon of the viceroy. He was led to Chihuahua and was judged and sentenced to death, being shot on June 26, 1811, accompanied by Allende, Mariano Jiménez (1781-1811) and Manuel Santa Maria Isabel Lopez (-1811).


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Chihuahua (estado, México) in 1811-06-26




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