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Bravo, Nicolas (1786-1854)




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Bravo, Nicolas (1786-1854)Other forms

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Guerrero (México)  1786-09-10 - Guerrero (México)  1854-04-22


Nicolás Bravo Rueda (Chilpancingo, September 10, 1786 ? Chilpancingo, April 22, 1854). He was a soldier and Mexican politician that from 1811. He fought for the Independence of Mexico along with Hermenegildo Galeana (1762-1814) and José María Morelos (1765-1815). He participated in the actions of Chichihualco and Cuautla. In 1812, he defeated Labaqui realist in Palmar. In 1822, the Constituent Congress appointed him Military Commander of the province of Veracruz and Minister of State in the second Regency. He governed the country until the coronation of Agustín de Iturbide (1783-1824). He was a supporter of the Republican system; he confronted the royalist troops in Almolonga, where he was defeated by Manuel Armijo (1793?1853). Shortly after, he joined Antonio Leon, who had pronounced in Huajuapan. After signing a Governing Junta in Oaxaca, he led a liberation army, in that way, he conquered the capital and dethroned to Iturbide. On May 31, 1823, when the executive power of the nation was dissolved, he occupied the Vice-Presidency of the Republic until 1824. He supported the candidacy weapons of Manuel Gómez Pedraza (1789-1851) against Vicente Guerrero (1782-1831), who made him prisoner in Tulancingo and banished him to Guayaquil (1828). The following year, he returned to his country where he continued in his fight with the Government of Guerrero and later against Bustamante. In 1833, when the Government of Trinidad Bustamante (1780-1853) fell, Santa Anna (1795-1876) gave him the command of the Northern army. He was interim President on different occasions and during a short period of time. After the loss of Texas, he was interim President (1839), when Santa Ana resigned; in 1842, he was Deputy Chairperson, he practiced the Presidency from 1842 to 1843, he was again interim President, acting in the absence of General Paredes briefly in 1846. In 1847, during the invasion of United States, he was appointed General Commander.



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Guerrero (México) in 1786-09-10

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Guerrero (México) in 1854-04-22




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