Person - Briceño Méndez, Pedro (1792-1835)

Briceño Méndez, Pedro (1792-1835)




Preferred form:

Briceño Méndez, Pedro (1792-1835)

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Venezuela  1792 - Curazao (Países Bajos)  1835-12-05


Pedro Briceño Méndez (Barinas, Venezuela, 1792 - Curazao, Venezuela, December 5, 1835). He was a soldier and Venezuelan politician. He studied philosophy and law in Mérida and Caracas. He was the friend, secretary and nephew of Simón Bolívar (1783-1830), whom accompanied in most of his companies. He migrated to New Granada, as Secretary of Bolivar and accompanied him when he left San Cristobal to liberate Venezuela (May 13, 1813). Also in the expedition, with the help of President Alexandre Pétion (1770-1818), he organized that expedition in Haiti to liberate Venezuela and New Granada (1816). He was Secretary of the Congress of Angostura and Venezuela and accompanied Bolívar in the campaign of New Granada in 1819. He adjusted with the General Morillo the Armistice of Trujillo (1820). He was a Deputy in the Congress of Cúcuta and assisted in the Battle of Carabobo (1821). In 1823, he was promoted to Brigadier and Minister of War and Navy in the Government of Colombia until 1825. He also was plenipotentiary of Colombia in the International Congress of Panama in 1826, Senator, Member of the Convention of Ocaña and Intendant of Venezuela. He also participated in the constituent process of 1830. When the Great Colombia was dissolved, he stayed in his country, where was Chief of the Reformist party, and after the failure in the revolutionary movement, he sheltered in Curazao, where he died.





Place of death:

Curazao (Países Bajos) in 1835

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Venezuela in 1792

Lugar de Defunción:

Curazao (Países Bajos) in 1835-12-05




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