Person - Cochrane, Thomas Alexander (1775-1860)

Cochrane, Thomas Alexander (1775-1860)




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Cochrane, Thomas Alexander (1775-1860)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Scotland  1775-12-14 - London (England, United Kingdom)  1860-10-31


Thomas Cochrane (Annsfield, Hamilton, December 14, 1775 ? London, October 31, 1860). He was a British Admiral. He achieved fame during the Napoleonic wars and his campaigns as a Corsair. In 1806-1807, he was elected member of the Parliament, where he tried to achieve the reform of the British Naval Organization, and for that reason he won numerous enemies. In 1814, he was accused because he made stock market speculations, for that reason he was imprisoned and deleted from the corporate ladder of the Armed Naval. In 1817, he was called by the Chilean to fight against the Spanish. He also collaborated in the Independence of Peru and the fighting of the Brazilians against the Portuguese (1823-1825). He stood out in the taking of Valdivia (1820). In 1823, he led the Naval Forces of Brazil and in 1827 he acted in the Mediterranean, fighting in favour of the Independence of Greece. He returned to Britain and was rehabilitated in 1832 with the position of Admiral of the British Navy in North America and the West Indies (1848-1851).





Lugar de Nacimiento:

Scotland in 1775-12-14

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London (England, United Kingdom) in 1860-10-31



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