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Person - González Carvajal, Ciriaco (1745-ca. 1828)

González Carvajal, Ciriaco (1745-ca. 1828)




Preferred form:

González Carvajal, Ciriaco (1745-ca. 1828)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

1745 - 1828


Spanish lawyer who was sent in 1777 to Philipines, where he worked as judge in the Royal Audience of Manila. He was designated in 1786 governor of Philipines, judge in 1790 in the Royal Audience of Mexico and secretary of the Despacho del Consejo and Cámara de Indias when he returned to Spain in 1810. In 1812, during the Regency, he was designated interim State Secretary and secretary of the Overseas Ministry as well. He was the promoter of the Lotería Nacional, which was approved and put into effect by the Cadiz Cortes.

According to the database of the Centro de Estudios Biográficos of the RAH, he died later after 1828.


Autoridades de la Biblioteca Nacional.

Base de datos del Centro de Estudios Biográficos de la Real Academia de la Historia

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