Buenaventura Carlos Aribau
Person - Aribau Farriols, Buenaventura Carlos (1798-1862)

Aribau Farriols, Buenaventura Carlos (1798-1862)




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Aribau Farriols, Buenaventura Carlos (1798-1862)Alternative forms (other languages)

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1798-11-04 - 1862-09-17


Spanish writer, politician and economist. He studied rhetoric and poetry at the seminary, and hydrostatic, statics and experimental physics at the Board of Trade. In 1826 he moved to Madrid to take charge of the business of the house of Marquis Gaspar de Remisa, to whom he dedicated in 1833 the famous “Oda a la Pàtria”, his major work. He had diverse public charges, among which is outstanding that of Director of the National Treasury from 1847 on. He contributed to introduce the romantic ideas in Spain and became the symbol of the literary Renaissance of the 19th century in Catalonia. He published the magazine El Europeo and, together with the publisher Rivadeneyra, he founded the Biblioteca de Autores Españoles (Library of Spanish Authors), repertory of Spanish classic authors.


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