Person - Caprioli, Vittorio (1921-1989)

Caprioli, Vittorio (1921-1989)




Preferred form:

Caprioli, Vittorio (1921-1989)

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Nápoles (Campania, Italia)  1921-08-15 - Nápoles (Campania, Italia)  1989-10-02


Vittorio Caprioli was an Italian actor, film director and scriptwriter. Caprioli's main work was performing. He was interested in theatre since he was young, and studied Dramatic Arts in the National Academy of Rome. He worked in the theatre company Carli-Racca with famous Italian actors like Vittorio De Sica, Nino Bezossi and Vivi Gioi. He also worked in Radiotelevisione Italiana participating in variety shows like "Lo Schiaccianoci" (1952). In 1950, he founded along with actors Alberto Bonnucci and Franca Valeri the Teatro dei Gobbi, where satirical and improvised shows were made. His debut on cinema was with the movie "O sole mio" (1946) by Giacomo Gentilomo, and with Federico Fellini's first work: "Variety Lights" (1951). His career as actor involved theatre and cinema as well. In 1970, he directed his first movie, "Splendori et miserie di Madame Royal", where he deals with homosexuality. Among his most popular works are: "General Della Rovere" (1959), "The Man from Acapulco" (1973) and "Tout Va Bien" (1972).


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Nápoles (Campania, Italia) in 1921-08-15

Lugar de Defunción:

Nápoles (Campania, Italia) in 1989-10-02




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