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Person - Chang, Cheh (1923-2002)

Chang, Cheh (1923-2002)




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Chang, Cheh (1923-2002)Other forms

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China  1923-02-10 - 2002-06-22


Cheh Chang was a Chinese film scriptwriter, director and producer. Chang studied politics at university but he moved to Hong Kong when he finished the degree to work as a film critic. This way, he started his career in the world of cinema as a scriptwriter in 1947. He produced films of different genres, from sword films to kung fu or heroic films, and even modern dramas. He wrote along with the scriptwriter Ni Kuang and co-directed films with directors such as Baau Hok-li, Wu Ma and Gwai Chi-hung. In addition, he wrote music for his films. His sword films were characterized by being really bloody and were not liked by the occidental audience. Chang was influenced by the directors Akira Kurosawa, Hideo Gosha and Sergio Leone, and Chang himself has been an influence for other directors such as John Woo and Liu Chiau Liang. Among his most popular films are: “The One-Armed Swordsman” (1967), “Five Venoms” (1978) and “Five Element Ninjas” (1982).


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China in 1923-02-10




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