Person - Valentín Antón, José (1941-)

Valentín Antón, José (1941-)




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Valentín Antón, José (1941-)Alternative forms (other languages)

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Spanish politician and syndicalist. Valentín's father, member of UGT, fought in the Civil War and moved to Barcelona along with his family in 1974. Valentín studied in the School of Cros Enterprise with some other workers' children. When he was 14-years-old he started working at ESESA. At that time, a significant clandestine syndicalist activity already existed in the Industrial belt of Barcelona, and Jose joined the Christian syndicalism through the Christian Workers Youth (JOC), and then the Workers' Association of Catholic Action (HOAC). In 1960 he joined PSOE and UGT, taking part in strikes and enterprise committees and in the spreading of propaganda. Valentin was elected general-secretary of Confederate Formation at the XXX Congress of UGT (April 1976); re-elected at the XXXI Congress of UGT (May 1978). Valentín was also general-secretary of the Largo Caballero Foundation, and a member of the Federal Committee of PSOE. Moreover, he was elected member of the Commissions of Economy, Commerce and Work at the Congress of Deputies. In 1982, he was elected general-secretary of UGT in Catalonia. From 1986, he worked as a minister in labor affairs in Chile, Brazil and Holland until 2001, when he came back to Spain.


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Madrid (España)




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Socialistas españoles


Fundación Francisco Largo Caballero. Archivo Oral del Sindicalismo Socialista.

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