Person - Martínez de Campos Antón, Miguel (1839-1906)

Martínez de Campos Antón, Miguel (1839-1906)




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Martínez de Campos Antón, Miguel (1839-1906)Other forms

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1839-11-30 - 1906-11-20


Spanish engineer, politician, and lawyer. Son of Ramón Martínez de Campos, brigadier of military staff, and Rosa Antón. Brother of the soldier and politician Arsenio Martínez Campos. He was General Inspector of Public Works of Puerto Rico, appointed on 14 October 1866 and in 1869 Chief Engineer of Public Works in that island. That same year he returned to the Iberian Peninsula in order to perform a teaching position at the Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos (School of Roadways, Canals and Ports). In February 1886 he was appointed member of the Council of State.

He entered politics as a parliamentary deputy for the Matanzas constituency (Cuba) in 1879, coinciding with his brother Arsenio's position of President of the Spanish Government. He returned to Congress for Alcoy in 1881, and in 1891, 1893 and 1896, representing the Puerto Rican districts of Aguadilla and Guayama. He was appointed life senator in April 1899, position that he until 1905. He was awarded the Cruz de 1.ª Clase de María Victoria for his services in Public Works and the Gran Cruz de Alfonso XII (Great Cross of Alfonso XII).

He married Carmen Colmenares Vergara and they were the parents of Miguel, José, Fernando, Ramón, and Carmen among others.


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Ingenieros de obras públicas



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Su expediente personal. ULTRAMAR,317,Exp.2

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