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Proust, Joseph Louis (1764-1826)




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Proust, Joseph Louis (1764-1826)Other forms

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Angers (Maine y Loria, Francia)  1764-09-26 - Angers (Maine y Loria, Francia)  1826-07-05


French chemist, he established the law of definite proportions, or Proust's law. He became pharmaceutical of the Saltpetrière hospital of Paris by public competition and showed soon a great interest in aerostation. In 1778 he was hired by the Royal Basque Society of Friends of the Country to teach chemistry in its Royal Seminar of Nobles in Vergara (Gipuzkoa) for two years. After an agreement between Charles III of Spain and Louis XVI of France, and with the support of Antoine Lavoisier, he was hired by the king of Spain to develop the laboratory of chemistry of the Royal College of Artillery of Segovia, in the Alcázar of the city, where he taught chemistry and metallurgy four months by year, three classes a week, for 13 years until 1799, building one of the better laboratories of chemistry in Europe. Both in Segovia and El Escorial he practised with hot air ballons doing several demonstrations of military observations.In 1799 he passed to Madrid to run the Royal Laboratory. He was on charge of the edition of the first Spanish scientifical review, the Annales of Natural History (1799), later Annales of Natural Sciences (1801), where he published many studies on meat concentrate as foodstuff for troops, glazing and industrial use of sugar, amongst others. He was in France when Charles IV resigned (1806) and neved came back to Spain. In 1815 he entered in the French Academie of Sciences. He died in Angers in 1826.


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Segovia (España)

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Angers (Maine y Loria, Francia) in 1764-09-26

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Angers (Maine y Loria, Francia) in 1826-07-05




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