Person - Beye de Cisneros Prado, José Ignacio (1759-1817)

Beye de Cisneros Prado, José Ignacio (1759-1817)




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Beye de Cisneros Prado, José Ignacio (1759-1817)Other forms

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Ciudad de México (México)  1759 - Ciudad de México (México)  1817-05-24


He was a presbyter, government representative, lawyer and professor of law. He was the son of Doctor Manuel Miguel Beye Cisneros y Quijano, lawyer of the Royal Court and Professor of Law, and Gertrudis Gregoria Prado y Zúñiga. He was educated at the Seminary of Mexico. He received his doctorate in Canons and Law at the University of Mexico. In his long professional career he held various positions such as lieutenant of the Royal Court of Mexico (1782-1785), vice-chancellor rector of the University of Mexico (1787-1788), honorary alderman of the Municipal Council of Mexico, attorney of the Royal Councils, prosecutor of the archbishopric of Mexico, professor of Law and doctoral canon in the Collegiate Church of Guadalupe. He was a Mexican autonomist and was elected Government Representative of Mexico City in 1810. During his life at the Iberian Peninsula he carried out an intense activity that he complemented with the formation of a get-together that brought some intellectuals together. Among the proposals presented the creation of a Provincial Board that would allow the Latin American provinces to get disassociated from the Peninsula if there was a Napoleonic triumph generated great controversy. He was critical of the representativeness of the American provinces and defended the rights of the castes as well as of a great proportion of Latin Americans in both judicial and ecclesiastical positions. He was an advocate for the rights of the Municipal Council of Mexico City and made proposals to improve the functioning of the Mexican Court. Due to health problems, in 1812 he received a permit to retire to his hometown.

Cortes de Cádiz, 1810-1813

Date of the event: 1810 - 1813



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(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:

Legislators in  Nueva España (virreinato, jurisdicción antigua)


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Ciudad de México (México) in 1759

Lugar de Defunción:

Ciudad de México (México) in 1817-05-24


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Beye Cisneros Quijano, Manuel Ignacio (1718-1787)  - Collateral (He/She is the nephew/niece of)

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