Person - Uría Berrueco, José Simeón de (1758-1824)

Uría Berrueco, José Simeón de (1758-1824)




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Uría Berrueco, José Simeón de (1758-1824)Other forms

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Guadalajara (Jalisco, México)  1758-03-24 - 1824


He was a devotee and a government representative. He was born to Domingo Agustín de Uría and María Timotea Berrueco. He studied in the Conciliar Seminary of Guadalajara, concluding his studies in the College of San Ildefonso de México. In 1784 he received his doctorate in Theology, obtaining the Chair of Philosophy in that same College in 1785. He was appointed priest of the tabernacle of the Guadalajara cathedral in 1792, a position he held until 1803, when he resigned in order to become canon of the cathedral. Also in 1792 he joined the newly founded University Of Guadalajara as a professor of First Theology, a position he held until 1809.

He was appointed Government Representative of Guadalajara at the Cortes in July 1810. He arrived in Cadiz in February 1811 and taking the oath in March of that year. During his participation in the sessions, he again presented demands of New Galicia, such as the creation of its own Tribunal de la Acordada and a High Court of the Royal Treasury. He was a moderate liberal and advocated American interests, always from liberal postulates, and also advocated total equality of political rights for the inhabitants of America. In February 1812 he asked to quit and requested a permit to return to New Spain, which was granted to him on the 28th of that month, due to health problems.

Back in New Spain, he was appointed royal advisor after the restoration of Ferdinand VII. From November 1815 to November 1817 he was rector of the University of Guadalajara, and chaplain of the incumbents of the church of that city. During the restoration of the Inquisition he was appointed honorary inquisitor of the Tribunal of the Holy Office. Finally, after the restoration of the Constitution, in 1820 he was appointed member of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara and in 1821 he was appointed member of the Patriotic Board of Guadalajara.

Cortes de Cádiz, 1810-1813

Date of the event: 1810 - 1813




Cádiz (España)

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Guadalajara (Jalisco, México) in 1758-03-24





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