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Person - Rodrigo Bellido, Mercedes (1891-1982)

Rodrigo Bellido, Mercedes (1891-1982)




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Rodrigo Bellido, Mercedes (1891-1982)Other forms

Fechas de actividad:

1891-05-13 - 1982-09-13


Spanish psychologist, teacher and educator. It is likely that she was the very first woman who focused her professional career in applied psychology in Spain. Daughter of the musician Pantaleón rodrigo Falces and María Bellido Díaz, both from Navarre. Sister of the composer and pianist María Rodrigo Bellido.

She graduated as a teacher in the Escuela Normal de Maestras of Madrid, obtaining her title in 1911. She got into further studies in the Colegio Nacional de Sordomudos y Ciegos (1912), and started her works in the back-then known as Real Patronato de Anormales, founded in 1914.

She was granted with a scholarship by the JAE, a board for entering in further studies, in 1920 in Geneva (Switzerland), in order to attend courses about educational psychology in the Instituto Juan Jacobo Rousseau. Back there, she worked with Édouard Claparède, Jean William Fritz Piaget, Pierre Bovet, and other relevant psychologist of that period.

She returned to Spain in 1923, and worked as educational director of the Instituto Médico-Pedagógico in Carabanchel (Madrid), managed by the physician Gonzalo Rodríguez Lafora, between 1925 and 1929. Since 1929, she worked in the recently opened Instituto Psicotécnico of Madrid, and would end up leading it, along with its headquarter in Barcelona. It was the net of psychotechnical tests of that period. She was promoted and, during the Spanish Civil War, she held the total leadership of the Instituto, as her partners were not there. Moreover, she worked as psychologist in the Clinca del Tribunal Tutelar de Menores of Madrid (1934-1939). Her great professional career was stopped by the end of the war. She had to exile to Geneva, along with her sister María. They later moved to Bogotá, invited by the dean of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Agustín Nieto Caballero. In that country, for ten years, she developed a relevant work in the promotion of the psychotechnical tests, and, in a broader sense, of scientific psychotechnical tests. In 1947, the Instituto de Psicología Aplicada, in the middle of that university.

After the military coup of Colombia in 1950, she had to leave to Puerto Rico, along with her sister María and the physician García Madrid. In San Juan, she continued working as clinique psychologist, in the veterans administration of the American Army (1955-1972). She collaborated too with the foundation of the Asociación de Psicólogos of Puerto Rico. She remained there until her death, and is buried, along with many other Spanish exiles, in the cemetery of Santa María Magdalena Pacis, in the capital of the country.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939





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Maestros de primera enseñanza

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Lugar de Residencia:

Bogotá (Distrito Capital, Colombia)  Obs.:  Exilio

Lugar de Residencia:

Ginebra (Suiza)

Lugar de Residencia:

Puerto Rico in 1950

Lugar de inicio de actividad:

Madrid (España) in 1891-05-13

Lugar de finalización de actividad:

San Juan (Puerto Rico) in 1982-09-13




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(Función) Desempeña/lleva a cabo/realiza:


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