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Person - López Ballesteros Varela, Luis (1782-1853)

López Ballesteros Varela, Luis (1782-1853)




Preferred form:

López Ballesteros Varela, Luis (1782-1853)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra, España)  1782-06-21 - Madrid (España)  1853-10-13


Spanish economist and politician. He married to Josefa Pérez Santa Marina, and they had twelve children.

He was the Principal Chief of Emergency in Villagarcía, representative to the Government and the Cortes, and General Director of Rents (1818). He was Minister of Finance during the period called Ominous Decade. During his term of office he established a system of annual budgets of public expenditures and revenues in 1829 to control the deficit and boosted the promulgation of the Commerce Code. The Code (which applied until 1885) created the legal basis to the creation of mercantile corporations, and the novelty of limited companies, that enabled the accumulation of capital that the liberal revolution and communications required in the liberal model. The promotion of the financial system for the commerce and industry urged him to order the formation of Bolsa de Valores de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) on September 1831.

He was the director of the Spanish Royal Academy of History, full member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, vice president of the Overseas Royal Council, and senator three times for Pontevedra, La Coruña, and senator for life in 1845.

Liberal Triennium, 1820-1823

Date of the event: 1820 - 1823



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra, España) in 1782-06-21

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 1853-10-13





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